Vladimir Isaakovich Zimmerling.

Born 1931 in Moscow.

Graduated from Moscow secondary art school in 1950.

Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts (Riga) in 1957, the class of professor Teodors Zaļkalns.

Member of the USSR Association of Artists from 1961.

Member of All-union, All-Russian, International and Moscow art exhibitions from 1956.

Art works in the field of indoor and monumental sculpture. Author and coauthor of monuments.

Papers and essays in esthetics, literary and art studies and philosophy.

1985 - Personal exhibition in Moscow in the Hall of Moscow Assosication of Artists (Vavilova str. 65)

February 1999 – Personal exhibition in Moscow in the Sculptors Hall (1-st Spasonalivkoskij pereulok, 4) together with his daughter, painter Mara Daugaviete.

March 2014 – Exhibition «Unity in Variety. A Dynasty of Artists» in the Exhibition Hall «Zamoskvorecje» (Serpukhovskij val 24, building 2).

Selected publications:

  • Vladimir I. Zimmerling. Measurement. //  ‘Save my speech’. Working papers of the Mandelstam Society, vol. 4.  Moscow: Knizhnyj Sad, 1993.
  • Vladimir I. Zimmerling. Do not say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Moscow: Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1999.
  • Vladimir I. Zimmerling. The superindividual in the esthetic // Nina D. Arutyunova (ed.). Logical analysis of language. Conceptual fields of the beautiful and the ugly. Moscow: Indrik, 2004. P. 30-36.